Cosmic Feelings


It would be much easier
If the world were flat.
I would stay on a boat
And sail to its end;
I’d let the stream carry me down the gulf
To see how it begins.



I face it,
A giant black hole.
Time and space,
Body and soul,
Love and hate,
Where would they go?
Such knowledge,
Only I’d know.



Of a sandy shore
Comes from pebbles that
Have been ground to their cores.
Such beauty lies in
The endurance it represents
And the time it transcends.



You were oxygen,
And I was the flame.
I burned out more than I could gain.
I return to Mars,
Where you no longer reign.
Adieu to both
Oxygen and flame.

These Days


The birds have flown away;
The white rose has waned;
Green are the leaves;
Blue is the pond.
The clouds prove the day;
On foliage light faints;
Curtains rain weaves
Excite the fronds.



On hearing granny’s house was sold, and feeling part of me dying.

Now I’ve grown taller than the cupboard,
And no longer write Russian with white chalks.
Dust accumulates as the traffic flows.
The streets are alive; people must go.

As the World Goes Round


A grown man
Cries on a park bench;
The bizarre sight of
Emotions that are long suppressed.



The drive of the world is
The cause of sufferings is
With it, we try.
With it, we die.
With it, we thrive.
With it, we fight.
So we cry,
and then smile,
and reject
As the world’s drive.



I won’t
You won’t
We won’t
The world
Acts oddly like that.



A mother lullabying her child,
A group of elderly enjoying the sun,
A flock of pigeons approaching for food,
A me having lunch,
Observing people
And the sun
Tilting toward west from east.
Our world is round and so there is
A person awake
and there is
Another asleep.



I’m a leaf
That floats along the stream.
Never drowned.

Poems for Shattered Souls


My little koi,
Stick to the water!
It embraces and gives you life.
Don’t go to the surface,
The air does not care;
He always leaves in a breeze.
And you will suffocate.



Light and shadow intertwine;
One’s the canvas,
The other charcoal lines.
Isn’t it beautiful
The desiccated ivy on the wall?



I was looking at the mirror
Suddenly it shattered
Here I lied in fractured pieces
In that other reflected dimension
Did I just stop to exist?

To Prevent a Tear


What’s easier?
To surrender to a riptide?
Or to bury your heart in the sand?
All candles wane;
Attraction needs to be replaced
With trust and affection.
The water will ebb to uncover
A glass bottle with a letter,
Left oblivion years ago
By a weeping lover.



The moment you ask
“Is it fair?”
Love ceases to exist;
And so does life;
And we both are reverted back
To either black or white.