About Me

   I am a daydreamer (Adele’s fanboy alert!) I contemplate a lot about things that most others overlook. Of course, I overlook norms that people value sometimes.

   I am a Vietnamese, living in Japan. I normally go with the nickname Naruto. My Japanese colleagues call me ごちゃん. I am working as an engineer, but used to study business in college. I love music and paintings. I picked up tennis in 2012 and find no hardship in continuing it, which is super rare because I have little talent in sports. Also, I enjoy going out to meet people, listening to their different points of view, admiring their totally different mindsets. Thus, I sometimes think of myself as a colorful collage.

   Creating this blog, I seal away my old one (in blogspot) which was filled with melancholy and grief (such a shame). Yeah, I am an extroverted joyful eccentric dude, eager to explore the seemingly mundane world around. Life is a bore until we make it a joy ourselves.


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