What a wonderful world! I’m breathing fresh air, feeling raindrops that are pure as morning dews on my fur. Look at the clouds! I have never known they are so magnificent. Oh and the wind, it is free and boisterous. I wonder how many mountains it has traveled.

The green-eyed monster stretches its limbs, shivering in exuberance. The daylight reveals its whole fluffy body  covered in fur of clovers, which now dons on a new unalloyed viridescent tone and trembles merrily to every thunder roar.

– The world is yours to explore.

Two cat eyes dreamily gazes at the greenish happy monster. Two green eyes sparkles with joy, turns to the cat eyes and urges.

Let’s embark on an adventure with me!

– I’m afraid I can’t accompany you.

Why not?

– Because the world doesn’t have the same intensity on us.

Another thunder promptly tears up the sky. Its earth-shattering sound quickly follows. The light shower has turned into a downpour. Soaked and shocked, the green-eyed monster stands still, allowing the flow of water to wash away the clovers on its fur.

– Consider the atmospheric pressure. I am a hollow serpent, I float on air. You are a fur ball made from clovers, you walk the earth. We may look as if we passed the same way, but we follow different paths. That I go with you is only misleading.

I don’t understand. You brought me out of the dark cave, you showed me this marvelous world and you’re going to leave me alone. Why?

There is water everywhere: water immensely rising up all over the swamp, water dripping from every hair (or clover), water swelling up the green eyes. The cat-eyed serpent twirls its body around and drifts slowly towards the reeds.

– Get out of here before the flood comes.

Silently picking up a clover from the ground with its tail, the serpent floats further and further. Its silhouette gets blurrier and blurrier. The green-eyed monster takes a deep breath and runs towards the other side of the swamp.


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