Two big green eyes blink twice, and then fix on an infinite distance which projects beyond the piece of the sky framed inside a rugged mouth of the dark cave. Those big green eyes would be very scary if they were red. They, however, are only pretty and fearful.

– I’m scared. They may eat me alive. They may cut off all these limbs I have. They may curse me under their breath. They may incise me with their glance from the corner of their eyes.

– They won’t. 

– How do you know they won’t? 

– How do you know they will?

Two cat eyes squint sideway at the big green ones; both creatures remain comfortably static inside the cave. Big green eyes roll and meet the cat eyes in a fraction of a second that is only sufficient for a butterfly to flap its wings once.

– They don’t tell me they won’t. Even if they do, I won’t be able to understand them.

A sudden wind circles the cave entrance like a myriad of bats flying through. The sky weeps onto the valley.

– A storm is coming. The swamp is filling up. Let’s get out of here before we drown.

– Aren’t you scared of monsters?

– Your monstrosity is not my phobia.

– I’m talking about monsters.

– My dear, you are the monster. In a world full of amputated creatures, the one with legs is the freak!  

The lightning cracks a fissure on the sky and lets the thunder rumble through. The green-eyed monster shivers as the rain taps supportively on its shoulders. The dark cave now stays several steps away behind his back.


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