A Piece of Communication


   What do you think
   Has the higher possibility of happening,
   A pigeon drinking wine
   Or our meeting tonight?

It looks like
The pigeon is going to have its wine
At an obligatory drinking party
For which I apologize

   Such a naughty pigeon!
   When will it stop drinking wine?
   May I have an appointment
   With my favorite guy?
   Before another animal would
   Find another odd deed to try!

I am free most days next week
   I wish I could book them all
   But I’d better be less greedy and take
   Thursday and Saturday at nightfall.

I’m going to a story-telling event
Why don’t you come over if you can?
It starts at 8 on Thursday I believe
There’s a site to reserve in advance

   It sounds interesting; I’d like to go
   And how about Sunday though?
Another busy day for me it looks
But I mixed up the date so
No storytelling, I’m free

   …Two hours tonight, no?
Not possible, I suppose

   I’d better go home then
   And meet you on Thursday
   Sorry and thank you.
   And the conversation ends.

   Another day, another silly
   Verse about a hunt for sneeze;
   And about seeing you trying to comfort
   A digital crying baby.
   There are music notes
   And the read status.
   And a cold dark empty valley.


Written out of an absurd amusement over a nonsense chat.


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