One piece,
Two pieces,
Three pieces,
Scattered bits of my broken heart;
I glued them,
I taped them,
I fixed them,
They are still separate parts.
Tell me if,
Tell me how,
Tell me when,
The glass can be filled
With the same amount of water you spilled.
I’m stubborn,
I’m foolish,
But I’m real,
A wild stalk of grass you encountered
On the sidewalk of the backyard of your neighbor’s.
My heart speaks,
My head screams,
My lungs sigh,
All in different rhythms like the night.
Breezes blow,
Water flows,
And fire grows,
One existence extinguishes the other’s.
There is no,
Simply no,
Obviously so,
Light of what should be in the eyes of a lover.
A hello,
A goodbye,
A silent smile,
Never came in the meaning I desire.
You told me to give up,
I said I made up my mind;
We’ll meet again
And I’ll be fine.


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