About Water and Fire and the Rabbits


This is a positive piece
Not out of despondence or grief
But out of a choice to walk
Till the stream dries up.

We were born from the river
Where water chases one another
Young river has waterfalls and rapids,
Of different sizes and different shapes
Yet all are broken pieces.

The friction itself or whatever that meets
But never sticks together, apart they drift;
There come the fire, the flame, the ignition
Of rabbits chasing down to the ocean.

A chaser is, of course, to chase.
Therefore I trail the levee way
Oh, the other Fire Rabbit!
I have myself a burning case.

Let’s both agree to disagree
On the same fields of various epitomes
Differences incite interestingness
Hence the lasting passion to acknowledge
That we should let the chasers chase
That we may try to direct their ways
So the Rabbits can double their Fire
And the water can finally collide.
Because the universe and all units
Serve the utmost purpose:
Get themselves complete.


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