Word Japanese Use: MY Anything

  The morning coffee had an ad under it, which reads “My Dotour replacing the wallet”. Once again I was fascinated by the Japanese invention of the word “MY”.

  Many years ago, I thought it was ridiculous learning the word “マイカー” (lit. my car) as new vocabulary for the class debate (“whether owning a ‘my car’ should be limited to preserve the environment?”) Now as I have stayed long enough, the word’s amazing and amusing wide application keeps me dawning a smile with every thought of it.

  “Do you have My Dotour?” No, I don’t. “Would you like to make My Dotour?” No, thank you. “Do you bring ‘my mug’?” “If you bring ‘my shopping bag’ you will have more points.” “He just bought “my home’, wonderful isn’t it?!” (No, the one saying this didn’t even own a house.) “She logged in to ‘my page’ to change the password.” (No legal regulation infringement.)

  Everyone can possess every MY thing, but at the same time no one lays a finger on my things. People have MY things, some of which I simply never have.

  A word has expanded beyond its original meaning to reach other persons, and the evolution took place in a non-speaking country. Isn’t it how our world should revolve?


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