The Luminous Goblin

  I have always had this luminous goblin accompanied for a decade. I don’t remember when and why and how he found me and decided to stay stuck to me. He has always been on my left side every single moment: when I am commuting, when I am drinking with colleagues, when I am satisfying myself.

  The luminous goblin has a big head with big greenish eyes, so big I once mistook him for a dragonfly that swallowed a Big Mac two seconds before. The goblin radiates. He emits light, soft as the full moon on a clear night, but sparkling as that exact same moon beam jiving on the top of the waves. Since he came to me, and decided to reside on my left shoulder, people have never ceased to compliment on my cheerfulness. The goblin induces vibes of jubilance in my body’s every fiber, and then the merriment bursts out continually, forming auror surrounding me. Indeed, that looks dazzling; I started to look dazzling.


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