The Boxes

  The human body is, observing from another dimension, composed of boxes. There are boxes for every function that in our world, or looking from our ordinary dimension, gets embodied as organs. The head is a box, the lungs are a symmetric box made up of two hemispheres, the heart is a box with only windows and curtains.

  Some people in history had this special ability to see through this other dimension, which allowed them to create bizarre images of the human bodies. Have you ever wondered why Picasso painted the women in cubes and box-like structures? Yes, he possessed the ability to witness that box-shaped warped in with normal anatomy. Such an ability is a gift his goblin bestowed upon himself.

  I cannot tell you much of other boxes, but the heart is a special one: the only with windows in every direction and curtains hanging over them. You may argue the eyes have windows too (as the common phrase states they are windows to the soul), but they do not. Eyes have pinholes. How about the mouth or the ears? Those boxes have one side totally open and no windows.

  You may believe me, or may you choose not to. It’s up to you. The existence of the box structure in the other dimension stays beyond your belief. That you cannot see it does not negate its righteousness. I have never observed those boxes. My knowledge of them came from the goblin’s mumbling every night, which like raindrops dribbles on my brain stone for so long it has carved a dent filled with unearthly stories.


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