To-London#1: Transit in Dubai

Here I am at Hamad Airport in Dubai. The red-eye flight really made my eyes red and dry. I took several short and sound naps until one of the organs hurt. The window seat did not allow much space to stretch my legs or provided a comfortable cushion for the neck. Still, I feel pretty good. 

Airports are all the same: gates and lanes and security and people rushing in all directions. Airports are different too. HIA has no washlet toilets like in Japan, but provides water hoses. People speak languages I have no familiarity with (back in college, I got accustomed to the sound of many languages, mainly Asian but hardly MidWest). The sign posts point to several places including boarding gates, quiet rooms, and praying corners. The inflight screen features a channel of the Quran. Thus, I am aware that I am in Dubai. 

Although it is only a transit place, it gives me new experience. How wonderful that is!




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