About Josh

Josh is trying to change his major. Well, he seems unable to stick to a thing for long. He could not do very well at the college we both attended, thus quit and moved to the U.S. for better education (or so he thought). 

At first, he was very excited and eager to learn this whole new realm of knowledge. And now he just got enough of it and wants to make it a minor. The options he has for replacement are Math and Politics. If he changed, I wonder how long it would take for him to start moaning about his choice. 

As long as he feels satisfied with his decision, I am happy. However, he is not the type that sticks to something for long. Usually, he gives up just before the best part of the process. Perhaps, that is just my supposition. You never know if you have tried enough if it never reaches to either extreme: the peak or the abyss. 

I disappoint myself in my inability to give better advice to him, or simply better words of courage. Still, it’s his life which he holds the responsibility for. The best I can do is believe in him. 


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