From the Rare Talks with a Buddy

[photo of a Godzilla poking out on the roof of a cinema]

After three days spent hanging with this friend of mine who came over from the U.S., this morning commutation suddenly turned out rather mundane. In fact, I somehow feel doubtful of my belonging here. Still, I am not dissatisfied; nor am I stressed over it. My stupid aspiration of doing big has risen to a new overwhelming level, drowning me in an utter state of self-pity. 

I decided to note down several eye-opening points in the several talks I had with my friend here because they truly helped organize my messy set of perspective. This guy has acquired a quite substantial a position in Google in Silicon Valley, and he thinks on a much higher corporate and global standard. I was, and still am, impressed at how much he has grown.

These notes are merely bulletted memo to retain the precious upset (uneasiness) I gained during these three days.

  • Drones are revolutionary. It is not hard to make, perhaps, but it opens up much more horizons to explore.
  • There’s a new trend of sharing drones: owners let people from other states borrow their drones to fly to certain places and collect information via a designated app. 
  • Drones are already used at Google as surveillance and several other purposes: checking broken pipes remotely.
  • A guy promoted his device which can collect and share information among various manufacturers’ drones. The making takes only a few dollars while the margin surpasses your imagination. 
  • Considering the large number of drones sold last year in the US, the market for such a device promises fortune. 
  • Services with drones, however, still stay limited in the US because of other countries’ different legal system.  
  • Cloud market is already flooded with competitors.
  • A guy, studying chemicals in school, devised a type of kitchen paper which can effectively wipe oil-stained utensils. He managed to persuade stores to put his product on their shelves and sold them at $2 each. Now he’s a millionaire. 
  • Revolution can come from the most down-to-earth daily feature and affect households, which in turn brings a huge progress in living personally and socially.
  • Knowing how to market is a crucial key. Your self can become a commodity.
  • While some are interested in making money – most of those in Silicon Valley do, others including me find creating things more exciting.
  • No one is ever too old to succeed; always remember to come up and sustain ideas, even the most trivial ones.
  • Do what I like, never give in to boredom.

As I carve these on my brain, hopefully I can make good use of them when the chance comes. 

[no, the featured photo does not have anything to do with the contents]


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