Haiku on Water with Simile

I read about this two week challenge of poem writing on my Reader and thought why not giving it a try. I am not very articulate but pretty good at imagining. The first task is a haiku about Water, with simile. Here is my shot.

the boat at the pier
rests on lilac river stream
like on coral cloth

Actually, when I was at the toilet, it took me no time to come up with this… anti-poetry piece like this:

the warm water stream
caresses my buttock cleft
Japanese washlet

Too bad it has no simile, so I altered it a bit:

like a gentle hand
washlet’s warm water laved
my hidden backdoor

Sorry! I did not intend this blasphemy toward poetry. To make up for it, I present here this piece of authentic beautiful Japanese haiku printed on the green tea bottle.


(Mizukiri ha
Ginga wo hashiru)
Koishi kana)

(Isn’t stone skipping
the little rock’s running trip
across Milky Way)

Bear with my translation. Actually, this piece won a grand prize in the Itoen haiku contest, in which the winner’s work and name will be published on the bottle label. This aesthetically imaginative haiku’s author is an eleven year old boy, which makes it even more respectably good. Here is the link to the Japanese site (too bad, no English) for further information about this Milky Way Stone Skipping poem. ★link


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