<Vietnamese coffee thickly dripped through typical tin filter, claimed to support creativity>

It’s been a very long while since I last posted anything on this page. I can make up an extended list of excuses but, as the word means, they are just excuses for my procrastination.

To get back to blogging, I decided to tackle several obstacles that keep me from regularly writing. I do not have any problem with topics because I maintain a list of ideas on my iPhone Notes. However, the process of sitting down and blogging is quite tremendous an effort. I always pay too much attention to how to make the posts interesting. Now, instead, I think writing should be made a constant practice, hence, should require less labor. The more I keep up with blogging, the faster I could arrange paragraphs and make better word choices. Therefore, I will keep the posts short, the contents compact and the words simple. The illustration did consume an excessive amount of my time, too. Thus, I will reduce it to mere featured photos with little editing. Also, I will try my best to schedule the posting, including it in weekly tasks.

I always have many thoughts racing around in my heads and most of the time they ended up being forgotten. Writing/blogging helps me frame them into recordable, readable shapes, as well as sorting them out into comprehensible data. And above all, to maintain a healthy mind, I will try my utmost to carry on this meditation.


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