A Short Memo on Salt (2010 movie)

I rewatched Salt starring Angelina Jolie today. Actually, I have watched it no less than ten times, I guess. Still, the thrill and the sympathy came back as fresh as the first time. Perhaps, because I remembered the plots and even some lines, I had more time enjoying the movie under different angles: the subtle expression, the cinematic capturing, the breathtaking actions, and so on. Above all, it is Angelina’s superior expressional eyes that captivated me the most this time.

Angelina Jolie’s acting in Salt kept my eyes attached to the screen throughout the whole movie. Her mesmerizing sexy look adjusted beautifully during each scene. I could easily recall how her sorrow-filled eyes learned to accept the truth that her husband was no longer safe and she broke the sim card in half in the taxi. The same eyes, in the scene of her overlooking her husband being drowned, struggled very sophisticatedly to hold back tears and grief and grievance, and then turned calm and luring towards Orlov. Angelina has this extraordinary talents to release all the vibes of different emotions all packed in a single look. Trust me, you watch the movie several times, you will get obsessed with her eye expression.


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