Tranquility in Fuchu-no-Mori

As the ancient men were programmed to hunt, their vision developed to focus on their prey, less distracted by the surrounding. So wrote the book “Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus”. Inherited such an ability, I only checked the finish time for today tennis practice, and had no idea about the change in the start time which was written right beside. Thus, I arrived at this place an hour and a half earlier than scheduled.

Our tennis practice takes place at the courts inside a very beautiful park named “Fuchu no Mori” (Forest of Fuchu). I took the chance of being too early today to promenade around the park. The sun shined brightly with gentle breezes. It felt very good: peaceful and harmonious.

Unlike the path, which I take every time to walk up the tennis court, Fuchu-no-Mori park creates different areas of diverse atmosphere. Imagine you are jogging down a route. Here you see children playing cheerfully, there you pass a typical Japanese pond. You run the rear of a fountain, then you head for an uphill woods. You never get fed up with the surrounding.

On a marvelous sunny Saturday like today, people gather by the hills and organize many activities. After stressful work days, how blessed it is to go outside and get eased like this. Just siting on a bench watching parents and children happily spending time together can soak me in happiness.

Here I share some views of this beautiful Fuchu-no-Mori park.









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