Hanyu Yuzuru Won Gold Medal in Sochi

Another snowfall has blanketed Tokyo and adjacent areas. I got this pain in the thighs because of the long walk home last night (the train stopped!). I tried to keep the balance not to slip and slide on the ice-coated sidewalks. Yes, balance on ice is not an innate ability.

I was about to write about the snowfall, posting several photos of the gorgeous scenery, but this morning I woke up to this new of Hanyu Yuzuru becoming the champion at Sochi 2014. OH MY GOD! I normally do not give a damn about sports in general, not to say figure skating :squinting-eyes: Why am I feeling so elated?

As I previously had this post on Hanyu Yuzuru, I totally admire his every effort to make his dream come true. Also, his dream is not only his own; it is his nation’s as well (Olympian ideology?!) Furthermore, understanding his background of suffering and witnessing the Earthquake in 2011, plus reading/listening to his interviews, I can see his altruist heart shining. He practices, he performs, he tries to win the Olympics, all of which he hopes will contribute in one way or another to recover his hometown area.

In addition, Hanyu Yuzuru won the competition with a performance poorer than he himself imagined. He was not satisfied with his own performance, falling down twice. However, as his gracious rival Patrick Chan stated “At these kind of competitions, it’s who makes the least mistakes, honestly, I just made one too many” (source). Apparently, the two consecutive days of competing gave the athletes no time to recuperate, and increased the pressure on them. Therefore, at this kind of competitions, athletes competed with the ability to subdue mistakes to the fewest while persevering their routines. In short, Hanyu deserves his championship.

To us, Hanyu made history. To Hanyu himself, it is the start of his contribution to the recovery of his hometown. Although he stated in the above article about not yet contributing any, I truly believe many have already received his motivation and inspiration.


The feature image is a capture from NYTimes. If you are interested, you can read Hanyu’s and Chan’s analysis with motion photos here.


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