Snow in Kanto

Yesterday, Tokyo endured the worst snow storm in decades (as the media said). The blizzard, indeed, was horrible, piling up streets and roads with snow that swallowed my legs and blocking many railroads.

Hardly does Kanto, the East area including Tokyo, get hit by snow, thus people did not prepare as much as those in the countryside (so said my friend, who comes from Gifu prefecture). Therefore, the blizzard took Tokyo a lot by surprise.

There are pieces of news reporting damage and human casualties. However, as far as I can judge from friends and locals, the joy of playing in the snow was significant, too. Here and there, I saw snowmen of various sizes and shapes and decorations. Browsing through my Facebook feeds, I could see my friends rolling a human-sized snowman belly at a park. Some captured school girls making snow Pokemon and carving details diligently. Others uploaded photos of snowmen covered in colored juice – not sure whether the creators wanted to don them with scarves or depicted them severely wounded after a lethal fight. Either way, it was fun.

In my neighborhood, people made quite a few snowmen the day before. But it was sunny and getting warmer today, so most of them melted. One, however, resisted the weather and retained in a distorted shape. The moment I caught sight of him, I chuckled so loud that I scared off the raven nearby.

He looked exactly like the man in The Scream by Edvard Munch. I took the photo and collaged it along side with Munch’s. Yeah, this really made me laugh out loud.

The expressionist snowman got deranged by the sunny day!

I felt a little bit inhuman of myself to enjoy the snow this year. To tell the truth, all I remembered of the snow up to now was: breaking my arms, breaking my shoes while away on traveling, getting sick, etc. Still, despite all the negative effects, it did entertain us. I gave my best condolence to those who suffered, and at the same time, I think, depriving others of the little happiness they earned is irrelevant.

To end this post, here come other photos of my neighborhood blanketed in the snow.

From my balcony.
The parking place.
At night.


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