On Monday, I and my colleagues had some arguments with the manager and we got very frustrated by him. On the way home, I found this on the Internet and it said my feeling.

Of course, that “people” actually aimed only at one certain moron.

Anyway, because of that hilarious photo, the word “bird” then triggered in me and my friend the funniest ring every time we encountered one. Therefore, when we saw this below coffee package we burst out laughing uncontrollably.

“What does that bird-friendly even mean? Like user-friendly but applied to birds?”
“Perhaps, it’s for people like us dreaming of becoming a bird to fly and shit over certain dudes!”

Or so did we make fun of the word.

However, when I googled the brand “kaldi bird-friendly”, I realized it was not a lame pun. In fact “bird-friendly” is a certificate issued by Migratory Bird Center to approve a coffee brand of its organic manufacture and the *truly* friendly coffee bean plantation’s environment towards migratory birds. Wow! What amused us turned out to amaze us in the end.

I normally go with “don’t judge a book by its cover” but the cover casts an impression on us first. Everyone judges as a matter of fact. It is, however, more important to realize the value of the book when the contents shine some light on you. Judge the book by its cover but don’t be conservative about that judgement.


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