Kids’ Artworks

Children always have the best creativity. I remember when I was younger and sent my paintings to contests, winning several prizes. Now I have hardly any time to sit down to think about the theme, not to say paint it.

The school called Ooto in my residence seems to be nurturing wonderful artists (which reminds me so much of my old self haha – 10 seconds of ostentation). Periodically, the school displays artworks by its students at a corner of the nearby station. I pass it everyday and cannot help myself talking a good glance at their amazing works.

This is the corner of the station where Ooto School displays its students’ fantastic works. They use a lot of media in teaching art, apparently, such as paper cutout, pastel, chalk, ink print, etc.

Some students are only 7-8 years of age but they have developed good sense of shapes and colors and shades. One of my favorite is the above kabuto-mushi collage-cutout piece by a third grade kid. It is very cute and I can see the kid’s vivid soul.

Another exhibition came in December last year. I am not sure of the media they used to create there pieces but it seems to involve charcoal or chiseled woodblock print(?!). I will do a research later. The theme is “looking into the mirror”. How wonderful these are with various face expressions, objects’ postures, and structure of the whole artwork. I was captivated by these depictions of the kids’  own reflections.


These two works rank my top list. The above tells a story of a boy being drawn into a supernatural force (or at least that is what I can best interpret). Perhaps, I do not understand the meaning behind the words as it says “Being absorbed into the Black and White”. Still, I enjoy myself wandering in a maze of imagination.  The one below leads me into a strange journey where I suddenly discover a building that shines. This kid must have the most fabulous dreams in his mind, surpassing all ordinary daily trifles.

All these fantastic works prove to me again that kids have limitless creativity and they have the best eyes looking out to the world. I do feel jealous with them sometimes. I truly wish we can create an ideal society that can retain all those gifts and allow them to bloom.


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