My WORST Nightmare: Clustered Pores! >_<

I hardly post 2 entries in a row on a day. However, this shit is really getting on my nerve and I need to say it out to public because I AM FUCKING TRYPOPHOBIC.

I was watching Youtube and the top right panel loaded this fucking advertisement which hit the shit out of me.
Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 7.54.30 PM
This bullshit was so fucking inhumane, playing with a girl’s face, making her suffer this shitty condition of pores all over the place which should have been her nose. Also, this sent chills down my spine and made me dizzy for a while.

I was then reminisced of a post on Facebook by a moron, whom I then hid from my feeds, which showed scans of a fucking gross comic about a girl getting orgasm through scratching her body to make holes and putting various rubbish objects into them till her whole body was covered in pores filled. I was totally fucked up for the next several days: all my hair stood on end, I was shivering, I was sweating, I experienced shortness of breath. Even now when I only thought of it, I nearly fainted.


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