Cafe around Hanoi

I came back to my hometown Hanoi for the new year. It is still as dear as always. Despite several changes in it I do not like, I still feel comfortable hanging out with beloved friends, enjoying mummy’s cuisines and talking (swearing!?) in my mother tongue. (I’m very good at swear words haha)

One of the best things about Hanoi is its myriad cafe. The coffee is wonderful: tempting odor and strong bitter taste. The atmosphere is various, diverse from one to another. I can easily find one that matches best my mood at an exact moment. Like the photos I post below, some are cozily decorated and tranquilly lit indoors while the others are outdoors with lively and harmonious view of the nearby architectures.



Cafe 1960 at Zone 9 fully dressed up for Christmas and New Year.

Cafe 1960 viewed from outside – the balcony tables are pretty.

Highland Coffee shop by Hanoi Opera House with stably good espresso.

For a person who was born here and has no interest in tourist spots, pilgrims around the town’s cafe enlighten me even in the gloomiest days.


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