Tokyo Is Ready for Christmas

It is the festive time of the year and Tokyo is fully prepared. Thanks to my friends’ calling me out, I have had the chance to blend myself in the stream of people awing at these beautiful lights-up.

Whether it shines or it glows against the chilly darkness surrounding, the light-up makes it bloom in me the warmest joy every time I walk by an ornately illuminated place. To share the joviality of the season, here I post several captures in several famous spots in Tokyo.

▲ A giant Christmas tree was brightly adorned in Ebisu Beer Garden. I love how the velvet red popped out among the green which glowed shimmeringly. Elegant!


▲ Odaiba joins the light festival with its famous Gundam backed up by lighting on the trees. Under day light, the robot is huge. Under this illumination, it is sparklingly cool.


▲ Shinjuku poured rays of light down its paths. It was magical. I did not want to get on the train and go home when I passed this place. Today was a hell of a freezing day, but this scene literally warmed me up. I was stunned, staring with my mouth open for a while. At the same time, my friends and passers-by could not help their words of exhilaration rolling of their tongues.





I try to visit Roppongi this weekend because it is well-known for its excessive illumination as well. I am quite excited and looking forward to it. Roppongi is not far from where I live and according to the article I paste below, it offers a massive field of light. The photos look incredible.

Well, all in all, it is a joy to encounter joy; and it is a greater joy sharing my happiness with people. A season full of delight to all of you!

PS: the photo quality is not very high but hope you feel the atmosphere 😉


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