Skosh(少し) – A Japanese Word That Made It Way to the English Dictionary

I came across this link of old time English slangs and I found out one of them was actually Japanese – No.5 SKOSH. As soon as my mind silently pronounced it I knew exactly where it came from: the Japanese 少し(sukoshi)

15 Old-Timey Slang Words We Should Bring Back Immediately by BuzzFeed

Yet, because I never heard the word (in English) before, I first doubted the credibility of BuzzFeed a “skosh” bit. Thus, I looked it up in my MacBook’s built-in dictionary and in the online Oxford Dictionary. To my amaze, both of them gracefully listed “skosh” as a properly recognized English term though informal.

Here are the captures:

<“Skosh” as looked up in OS X built-in dictionary>

<“Skosh” as looked up online at Oxford Dictionary>

This reminds me of a very interesting coincidence in the two languages that I discovered earlier this year while talking to a Japanese friend:

In both Japanese and English, people pay attention to things.

In Japanese: 注意(attention)を払う(pay)

These discoveries, both “skosh” and “pay attention“, dawned on me how we human, despite a hemisphere apart, can be so similar in thoughts. We, sharing the same the planet Earth, are truly brothers and sisters.



2 thoughts on “Skosh(少し) – A Japanese Word That Made It Way to the English Dictionary

  1. I thought “Himbo” was actually a more recently coined term. Didn’t know it was from back in the day. I like “skosh”, I’ll have to try using it sometime.

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