“Pomme Cube” Speaker


I bought this little “Pomme Cube” speaker on the way home today and I feel super satisfied.

Exactly as the name suggests, it is perfectly cubical although it has nothing to do with “apple” or “French fries” (as the meaning of “Pomme” Google suggests!) Despite its compact small size, the speaker creates powerful enough the sound to fill my 6-tatami-matress room with acceptable deep bass. I sit down writing these line while letting it blasting Timber by Pitbull and Kesha straight into my face. Normally, my MacBook cannot produce such a thick stream of sound. I have gotten very exuberant.

Furthermore, this little cube does not require battery or any source of electricity. Wonderful! Fewer cords more comfort it is. The speaker works like a mug-sized headphone, I guess, receiving sound signals and amplifying them. Its only jack can fit in the common audio plug on every contemporary devices, computers, iPhones/iPod, tablets, etc. Imagine when I go on a trip and the cheap hotel room lacks audio system, this portable cube solves the trouble. Oh, come to think of its portability: it is super convenient to bring it with me just as I move an apple!

At a price of 1,300 yen (≈US$13), it gives me more satisfaction than a home theater system. Yeah!


3 thoughts on ““Pomme Cube” Speaker

  1. That’s a great price for those speakers! I need to get with the times and buy the cordless type too. I hate having to unplug a bunch of cords when moving my speakers around.

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