Precaution: Lock the Doors, Beware of Fire

When fall comes, the humidity gets low allowing fire to be caught easily. Also, this is the festive time of the year: another month and then New Year! Yay!

NO, not that soon. Beware!

– I enjoy the season too much I forgot to lock the door!

– The wood floor got so dehydrated that it easily caught fire!

Not good at all! We need volunteers going around the residential area in groups, shouting out words of wisdoms:


Very diligent, indeed. I was a little bit amused by this. I remember watching some drama series about Chinese feudal era when a lonely man walked down the road with a red lantern calling out “Humidity is low, things are dry, take care with your fire”. Now, in this modern developed society, I witnessed the similar activity. (On a side note, in the drama series, the old man was pitifully murdered – come on, just let him do his job!)

I really liked the sound from the wooden cubs being struck at each other, and the volunteers’ multilayered calling that reverberated down the deserted night road. Apart from them, I could only hear the breeze.


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