My First Intravenous Injection


I caught tonsillitis yesterday. Still going to work until 2 pm, I couldn’t stand the exhaustion anymore and checked my temperature: 38.4. The pain in the throat became more and more acute.

I still thought it was like the other times and the doctor would prescribe antibiotics and pain killer. To my surprise, however, the doctor took a test and showed me that the sore throat was due to Streptococcus. I interpreted it as an abnormal cause for my frequent tonsillitis. After looking it up in Wikipedia, I realized what a badass that Streptococcus was.

And then, the doctor ordered me to have an intravenous infusion!!! I had never had such a thing in my life which scared me a little bit. I obediently followed his instructions, lying on the bed, rolling up the sleeves to expose the veins. Just looking up that bag of fluid and the rapid dropping made me feel like the infusion system not my heart was pumping my circulation. I could hear the beat of the vein on my neck! Finally, the dropping stopped. I could clearly see the level of liquid in the tube decreased quickly and I was really scared. After all the fluid got into my body how was it going to be? Would the air also get into my blood and cause my sudden death? Or would the blood will overflow into the tube? Thank God, the doctor came in and removed that shit from me before I actually freaked out.

This doctor, whom I got quite acquainted to, gave me an explanation of my condition. He tried all his best to explain it in English to me. Of course, his medical jargons sometimes couldn’t shine any light on me. In the end, we both laughed and agreed on “Tonsillitis due or Streptococcus bacterial infection”. I’m going to see him for a recheck in the next ten days.


<The note on which the doctor was trying to explain to me my condition>


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