Cliches and Bore


After years of using social media, I gradually lose my faith in words like “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday”. Perhaps, sometimes people do mean it, but not all the time. I know a guy who added my Facebook although we never met. Every year he wishes me a Happy Birthday because Facebook reminds him of such a tedious duty.

It is wonderful we’ve got a tool to remind us of special friends’ special days. However, sending a simple mundane cliche without any further annotation expresses nothing but a robotic routine of spreading the message as an obligation. How boring is that!

Like today, my friend announced he was going to get married. Isn’t it a fabulous piece of news? Yes, of course, it freaking is. I said Congratulations, ACCOMPANIED by comments on how this year’s fall was going to be hotter than the summer, on that he should be busy feeling elated and blessed. On the contrary, several others replied with a dull “Congratulations”. If I were my friend, I would have been super put off by that. Whether the others meant it or not, all I could feel was their reluctance to congratulate any further, like “I am informed so despite my lack of enthusiasm I must drop a line”. In my opinion, that is unnecessary and redundant.

I truly believe things got boring because people use cliches to cover their unwillingness.


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