<my 500 yen cloak; more like a  mat with a hoodie>

When it rains, I prefer raincoats to umbrellas. Here are the reasons:

1. I come from Vietnam, a country with squalls that can blow away all umbrellas in a blink of an eye. Therefore, using raincoats is the only option and remains my custom till now.
2. Pull a raincoat over your body and there you go against any downpour without having to hold anything. I hate it when I have to adjust my umbrella every time the wind changes its direction.
3. A raincoat certainly covers more part of your body than an umbrella, especially when strong winds blow.
4. Having a raincoat on adds an extra layer to clothing, thus keeps me warm. It’s already fall in here, the temp drops drastically with the rain.

All in all, I so much love this raincoat I bought the other day at Lawson (a convenience store) at only 500 yen! It’s been 6 years since the last time I had one, to tell the truth. I’ve seen cool designed raincoats that look like fashionable overcoats but they are too expensive and most are for women. Hopefully, those for guys would soon flood the stores.


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