Typhoon Wipha Hit Tokyo

It’s not the first time I experienced a typhoon in Japan. This time, it is said to be a “one-in-a-decade” strong typhoon with ferocious winds. I have to go to Shinagawa today, but too bad only JR trains pass it and all JR lines stopped.


Source: http://weathernews.jp/typhoon/ taken on Oct 16th, 2013.

Japanese people, as I observe my friends on twitter, are worried and baffled as a matter of fact. I come from Vietnam a country which bears the devastation of hurricanes and typhoons several times a year, so I totally understand how detrimental our day can turn. However, the Japanese people’s attitude towards the storm is somehow different. I feel as if they care less about the destruction; instead, they care more about how to find a way to work. I saw tweets by my friends complaining about the stop of trains and the horde of people, tweets on how all ways were blocked, tweets on what they planned to do to impatiently wait till the trains moved again. They all sounded desperate to rush to the office.

I am not criticizing Japanese. I am praising their community services. They have advanced technologies to forecast the typhoon and its power; they broadcast warnings in all media REALTIME; their infrastructure withhold the cruelest blast of winds. People, without much burden of their own safety, switch their attention more to the common (companies, schools, etc.) They have more allowance for responsibility.


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