Fact or Fraud?


1) I don’t know where they came up with the number 99.99%. Did they really do a survey or run a statistic program? I doubt it.
2) Most of the time, people use 99.99% to mean “a vast majority”.
3) I had this tendency of going against the ordinary. It’s obvious that because people cannot see their passwords (all in asterisks or dots) they doubt what character they have missed on the keyboard; thus, they delete the whole string. I, however, in an effort of staying in the minor “0.01%“, meticulously review the number of characters input, judge my own fingers’ movements to pinpoint the typo in my passwords and retry with that character only. 56.8% of the times, I fail. (I made the number up, just like the above 99.99%.) Still, I have this unreasonable sense of triumph: I do not backspace to the very first character of my password string.


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