Yellow FRAG

Near my work place, there is this odd shop with a big yellow board that says “YELLOW FRAG!” The sign board looks exactly as below:


I bet, any English speaker living in Japan for a while immediately thinks of a common mistake Japanese make: The shop must have messed up “FLAG” with “FRAG” (Most Japanese cannot differentiate “L” and “R”). Every time I pass the shop on the way to my office, I can’t help but chuckle silently to myself. 

To strengthen my disrespect to the shop’s poor English ability, I searched it on the Internet. There it appears: 

To my amaze, however, the owner seems to understand thoroughly this ugly spelling mistake. On the shop’s site, the owner dedicated a section to explain his mistake. Pretty much amusing as I predicted. My self-esteem whistled a melody of victory. As I started reading down the page, learning how he strived for the job he loved, how he managed to get the deals, my earlier smirk faded. I must say the owner has one hell of characters to respect. I list them up: dare to face his own fail, hold on to a dream, push himself to edges, relentlessly dig up until he hits the chance, etc.

I admit, his embarrassing spelling mistake, though conspicuous, cannot blur his excellent entrepreneurship. I take my hat off to him, honestly.  


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