The other day I was riding my bike past a motorbike with a number plate of “8080“. At that exact moment, the number “8080” serves its purpose as the registration code for a motorbike.

I, as an engineer however, immediately recalled that port number for HTTP, the communication protocol that enables websites being displayed on browsers. Commonly, people use “80” or “8081” as well.

Also, when I murmured to myself “eighty eighty”, I wondered if they should be called “double eighty” or the “eighties” (more than one is plural, isn’t it?) Oh yes, the eighties (“80s“) was the decade with classy songs the world still respect till now. X Factor UK this year launched it first live show with that theme of the 80s songs. Needless to say, I turned exuberant last night gorging on the show’s clips on youtube.

Now as I am writing these lines, it brought home to me (for no reason) the dialing number for “public consultancy service 1080” (or so I called it) in Vietnam. We could ring it anytime of the day, asking whatever questions we want and they had the obligatory to answer. I am not sure if it still works that way todays. Although calling that 1080 center hurt the bill quite bad, I remember urging my then-elementary-school-student cousin to ask the operator “what to do if I had a beard”. Of course, she was dumbfounded and we had that roar of laughing. Thinking of it, I feel so lame now.

A simple chain of numbers; a variety of reminiscences.


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