As a Whole


Here’s the deal: when I say gold, you’ll say silver. Or platinum. I am not more than you. Nor am I less. I created this site to keep my creativity and absurdity running. Let’s bump into each other in a spiritual dimension, as two atoms collide and our imaginary romance sparkles invisible Higgs bosons.

  • About-Me: A quick honest introduction about myself, obviously.
  • Verses: Poems I wrote, mostly in not so bright a mood and embarrassed to call them poetry.
  • Prose: Paragraphs of contemplation on various topics, or fictional rambling.
  • Windows: Observations I made on my ordinary life and encounters.
  • V’well: One rare exciting (attempting) aesthetic project with my friend Oslo to maintain our writing habit.
  • (temp.) The Valley: My attempt at building a fantasy world.